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Scalping The Guru

Guided By Voices

This is a list of songs that were to appear on this proposed/aborted/unreleased album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1994
Format: Proposed/Aborted Album
Catalog #:
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 25
This was the working version of Alien Lanes, and every song on here ended up on Alien Lanes except "Lariat Man", which was released as the b-side of Bevil Web's "Minutemen" single, and the acoustic "Motor Away", which isn't on any GBV release or any other rarities tape.

Scalping the Guru was sent to some record labels when GBV was choosing where to sign after Scat. They eventually chose Matador and according to Hunting Accidents, they signed on Bob's birthday: 10/31/1994. So, this means this tracklisting pre-dates the signing, probably by at least a month or so at minimum.
Scalping The Guru
1.   Cigarette Tricks
2.   My Son Cool
3.   Always Crush Me
4.   Watch Me Jumpstart
5.   They're Not Witches
6.   As We Go Up, We Go Down
7.   Hit
8.   My Valuable Hunting Knife
9.   Big Chief Chinese Restaurant
10.  Closer You Are
11.  Lariat Man
12.  Auditorium
13.  A Salty Salute
14.  Pimple Zoo
15.  Motor Away
16.  Ex-Supermodel
17.  Strawdogs
18.  Striped White Jets
19.  My Buddy Bill
20.  Blimps Go 90
21.  Gold Hick
22.  King And Caroline
23.  Evil Speakers
24.  Motor Away [Acoustic]
25.  Alright