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Peel Out In The States - Programs 21 & 22 [Promo]

Various Artists

Released: 1993
Format: CD
Label: In-Press
Catalog #: IPS938
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 14
Front Cover
The version of "Sot" is the exact same as the studio version on Vampire on Titus. John Peel says "And this is this week's Yank sizzler", then the song starts playing, and then after the song ends Peel comes in says "Well...I expect your radio station has been playing this LP to death already but in case they haven't that was Guided By Voices, the LP is Vampire On Titus, and the title of the track that I played you, which is really representative of an entire excellent LP, was called "Sot". Then he rambles on about another band for 20 seconds or so. This disc is copyright 1993 (Not For Sale, For Radio Broadcast Only) so this may be GBV's first recorded mention on radio.
Peel Out In The States - Programs 21 & 22
2.   Guided By Voices  -  Sot 3:02
Total Length: 57:38