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Song Versions

List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes all demo song versions. Click on song version to view additional information.
# Song Version Notes
1 (I'll Make It) Strong For You [Demo]  
2 A Dozen Blue Overcoats [Demo]  
3 A Hair In Every Square Inch Of The House [Demo]  
4 A Trophy Mule In Particular [Demo]  
5 All Hail The Weed King [Demo] Unreleased track.   
6 Amazed [Demo] Unreleased track.   
7 An Unmarketed Product [Demo] Unreleased track.   
8 Apology In Advance [Demo]  
9 Are You Faster? [Demo]  
10 Avalanche Aminos [Demo] Unreleased track.   
11 Beat Your Wings [Demo]  
12 Blasted But It's Easy [Demo]  
13 Blind 20-20 [Demo]  
14 Break Even [Demo Version]  
15 Bug House [Demo] Unreleased track.   
16 Bulldog Skin [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
17 Chevy Marigold [Demo]  
18 Choking Tara [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
19 Christmas Girl [Demo]  
20 Circus World [Demo] Unreleased track.   
21 Cocksoldiers And Their Postwar Stubble [Demo] Unreleased track.   
22 Color Of My Blade [Demo] Unreleased track.   
23 Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age) [Demo]  
24 Dead Cloud [Demo]  
25 Debbie X (I Am Decided) [Demo] Unreleased track.   
26 Delayed Reaction Brats [Demo]  
27 Dirty Water [Demo]  
28 Don't Stop Now [Demo] Unreleased track.   
29 Drag Days [Demo] Unreleased track.   
30 Dragons Awake! [Demo] Unreleased track.   
31 Earmarked For Collision [Demo]  
32 Fair Touching [Demo] Unreleased track.   
33 Fine To See You [Demo] Unreleased track.   
34 Fly Into Ashes [Demo] Unreleased track.   
35 Fly Into Ashes [Do The Collapse Demo]  
36 German Field Of Shadows [Demo]  
37 Girls Of Wild Strawberries [Demo]  
38 Glad Girls [Demo] Unreleased track.   
39 Gold [Original Demo]  
40 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
41 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
42 Gonna Never Have To Die [Demo]  
43 He's The Uncle [Demo] Unreleased track.   
44 Hold On Hope [Demo]  
45 I Am Decided [Demo] Unreleased track.   
46 I Invented The Moonwalk (And The Pencil Sharpener) [Do The Collapse Demo]  
47 I Took On The London Guys [Demo]  
48 I'll Replace You With Machines [Demo]  
49 In Previous Trials [Demo] Unreleased track.   
50 Inspiration Points [Demo]  
51 Juggernaut Vs. Monolith [Demo]  
52 Lariat Man [Demo] Unreleased track.   
53 Let It Beard [Demo]  
54 Let More Light Into The House [Demo]  
55 Life Is Beautiful [Demo]  
56 Main Street Wizards [Demo]  
57 Main Street Wizards [Homemade Click Track Mix - Demo]  
58 Make A Record For Lo-Life [Demo]  
59 Mannequin's Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown) [Demo] Fan-created title.   
60 Minefield Searcher [Demo]  
61 Mix Up The Satellite [Demo]  
62 Motor Away [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
63 Motor Away [Loud Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
64 Motor Away [Organ Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
65 Motor Away [Quiet Demo]  
66 Motor Away [Quiet Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
67 My Feet's Trustworthy Existance [Demo]  
68 My Son, My Secretary, My Country [Demo]  
69 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
70 No Steamboats [Demo]  
71 Of Course You Are [Demo]  
72 Office Of Hearts [Demo] Fan-created title.   
73 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox [Demo] Unreleased track.   
74 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox/Circus World [Demo] Unreleased track.   
75 Pantherz [Demo]  
76 Perfect This Time [Demo]  
77 Picture Me Big Time [Alternate Demo Version] Unreleased track.   
78 Picture Me Big Time [Demo]  
79 Pincushion [Demo]  
80 Pink Drink [Demo]  
81 Pivotal Film [Demo] Unreleased track.   
82 Pluto The Skate [Demo]  
83 Portable Men's Society [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
84 Poster Of The Open Sky [Demo]  
85 Powerblessings [Demo] Unreleased track.   
86 Privately [Demo] Unreleased track.   
87 Promo Brunette [Demo]  
88 Quality Of Armor [Demo] Unreleased track.   
89 Ready To Pop [Demo]  
90 Red Bodies [Demo]  
91 Redmen And Their Wives [Demo] Unreleased track.   
92 Rocking Now [Demo]  
93 Rud Fins [Demo]  
94 Run Wild [Demo] Unreleased track.   
95 Running Off With The Fun City Girls [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
96 Secret Star [Acoustic Demo]  
97 Secret Star [Demo]  
98 She Goes Off At Night [Demo]  
99 She Goes Off At Night [Vocals Only Mix - Demo]  
100 Sheetkickers [Demo] Unreleased track.   
101 Shocker In Gloomtown [Demo Version]  
102 Shrine To The Dynamic Years [Demo] Unreleased track.   
103 Sister I Need Wine [Cromag Demo]  
104 Skills Like This [Demo] Unreleased track.   
105 Some Drilling Implied [Demo] Unreleased track.   
106 Speak Like Men [Demo] Unreleased track.   
107 Speed Bumps [Demo]  
108 Strumpet Eye [Demo] Unreleased track.   
109 Superwhore [Demo] Unreleased track.   
110 Surgical Focus [Demo]  
111 Sweeping Bones [Demo] Unreleased track.   
112 Sylph [Demo]  
113 Tabby And Lucy [Demo]  
114 Teenage FBI [Alternate Demo Version] Unreleased track.   
115 Teenage FBI [Demo]  
116 Teeth Flashlight [Demo]  
117 The Ballad Of Bad Whiskey [Demo]  
118 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Demo] Unreleased track.   
119 The Enemy [Demo] Unreleased track.   
120 The Finest Joke Is Upon Us [Demo]  
121 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Guitar Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
122 The Official Ironmen Rally Song [Demo]  
123 The Singing Razorblade [Demo] Unreleased track.   
124 The Various Vaults Of Convenience [Do The Collapse Demo]  
125 The Vicelords [Demo]  
126 Things I Will Keep [Demo]  
127 Things I Will Keep [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
128 Top Of My Game [Demo]  
129 Toppings Take The Cake [Demo]  
130 Tourist UFO [Demo]  
131 Trader Vic [Demo]  
132 Trashed Aircraft [Do The Collapse Demo]  
133 Twilight Campfighter [Demo] Unreleased track.   
134 Underground Initiations [Demo] Unreleased track.   
135 Unspirited [Demo] Unreleased track.   
136 Useless Inventions [Demo]  
137 Weatherman And Skin Goddess [Demo]  
138 Weed King [Demo] Unreleased track.   
139 White Skin And Bones [Zoom Demo]  
140 Why Did You Land? [Demo] Unreleased track.   
141 Window Of My World [Demo]  
142 Wings Of Thorn [Demo]  
143 Wormhole [Demo] Unreleased track.   
144 Wrinkled Ghost [Demo]  
145 You In My Prayer [Demo]  
146 You Just Can't Tell [Demo]  
147 Zoo Pie [Demo] Unreleased track.