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This website was launched on 11/3/2003. To put that in perspective:
  • GBV hadn't yet broken up yet (the "final" show was 12/31/2004 and GBV became active again in 2010)
  • Robert Pollard has released SEVENTEEN solo albums since then.
  • The Fading Captain Series label was still going strong.
  • The following side projects did not yet exist: Boston Spaceships, Carbon Whales, Cosmos, Keene Brothers, Mars Classroom, The Moping Swans, Psycho And The Birds, Teenage Guitar, The Sunflower Logic, The Takeovers
  • Circus Devils only had 3 albums. Now they have 11.
  • Download a live show performed 9 years before this site launched:

Guided By Voices live at Middle East

Cambridge, MA 11/3/1994

Click here to Download zip file with entire show in AAC format

1.   A Salty Salute
2.   Pimple Zoo
3.   Matter Eater Lad
4.   Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
5.   Superwhore
6.   Exit Flagger
7.   Game Of Pricks
8.   Hot Freaks
9.   My Son Cool
10. Blimps Go 90
11. Gold Star For Robot Boy
12. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
13. Shocker In Gloomtown
14. Striped White Jets
15. Yours To Keep/Echos Myron
16. Watch Me Jumpstart
17. My Valuable Hunting Knife
18. Tractor Rape Chain
19. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
20. Break Even
21. Motor Away
22. Closer You Are
23. Non-Absorbing
24. My Impression Now
25. Always Crush Me
26. Lethargy
27. Pantherz
28. I Am A Scientist

29. Weed King
30. Smothered In Hugs
31. Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
The band played alot of songs off the yet to be released Alien Lanes album that Bob mentions was going to be released in January 1995 on Matador. Alien Lanes didn't end up getting released until 4/4/95. This show also confirms that the 11/2/94 show that was previously thought to be CBGB's in NY was actually Providence, RI as Bob says "We were in Rhode Island last night. In Providence" during the 11/3/94 show. This show was recorded by Michael Train on a Sony D7 handheld DAT and a Sony external mic. The show was later put on CD using the D7 analog outs into a Marantz CD reecorder. These AAC files were ripped from the CD and are the current best source for this show.

      Thanks again to all of the members of the GBV community and the band(s) who have sent in info, images, corrections, feedback, donations, etc. to help create this site's content.